Synod Approvals

The following actions by a church will require Approval from the Synod and possibly also the Trustees (see Trustees Approvals section).

  • Manse Letting
  • Place Property in Synod Manse Scheme
  • Leases of Church Premises or Land
  • Licences
  • Works – maintenance or improvements
  • Works to Listed Buildings
  • Synod Grant or Loan
  • Project Facelift
  • Project Heritage
  • Sale or Purchase of Property
  • Use of Investment held in Trust
  • Closure of Church

Advice is available from the Resources Officer for all the above actions. The Mission and Training Officer should also be contacted. In addition Step by Step Approvals guidance is available to download.

The basis of all decisions is a resolution from the Church Meeting.  For some decisions support from the Area Advocate will be beneficial. A Church should have a clear idea of of the Mission Opportunity which requires the action proposed.

As soon as the Church know they wish to carry out any of the actions above a Project First Notification Form (PFN) should be completed and sent to the Resources Officer.  This will enable advice to be given to ensure that the correct approval route is taken.

Approval on behalf of Synod is normally given by the Synod Resources Committee.  This Committee meets early in February, June, September and December each year.  Requests for approval should be made at least 2 weeks before the committee in order for it to be considered.  Approvals may possibly be given by a subcommittee outside the regular Committee Dates.

Approvals which require guidance from the Listed Buildings Advisory Committee (LBAC) will require full documentation before they can be considered.

Please see The Procedure for Control of works to Listed Buildings

Synod Approvals are usually required to demonstrate that the Charitable Assets of Churches have been managed with prudence and in accordance with the purposes of the United Reformed Church.

Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Resources Officer - 01223 830770

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