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The Ministry and Mission Fund is the financial foundation of our church. At a national level of every £1 that the URC spends from the M&M fund 85p funds ministers' stipends and training. Less than 7p of that £1 is used for the essential work of finance, administration and governance. Moreover, 95p of every £1 that is received into the M&M Fund comes from local church contributions. Thus their gifts providefor the URC's ministry and mission. 

The way that the Fund is run is governed by the Plan for Partnership. This was first approved by General Assembly in 1980 and has been updated from time to time since. Amongst other things the Plan for Partnership defines that, “The whole ministry of the URC is to be made available to the whole of the Church, and the financial responsibility for this ministry is to be shared throughout the whole of the Church.” Thus contributions do not relate to the amount of ministerial time received; or, in other words, 'We don’t pay for what we get, we give that all might receive.

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Money Matters May 2015

money mattersWe have produced a flyer which seeks to give selected financial information in an easily accessible and clear way.

Download leaflets for printing or obtained free of charge E-mail Ministry and Mission    We hope that you find them helpful and would welcome any feedback.

If your church would like to know more about the Ministry and Mission Fund, stewardship or the nurturing of generous and efficient giving please do contact your Area Partnership M&M Advocate

Download: Money Matters Leaflet May 2015

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 Annual Update on the Ministry and Mission Fund

Please see the link below to view Thank You For All That You Give annual leaflet from the Stewardship Subcommittee in respect of 2014 giving.

Download: Thank You For All That You Give Leaflet 




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