Synod Lay Preaching Advocate

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The Eastern Synod Lay Preaching Advocate is Liz Bird. 

The role is being one of helping Lay Preachers as they take on more responsibilities following Deployment, and encouraging other church members to consider training in leading worship and following the TLS training course.

Lay Preaching Matters: Guidelines

List of Sections

Introduction and Overview
An Overview
Accreditation. Recognition. Commissioning
Assessments. Attachments
Books for use in training and refreshing
Criminal Records Disclosure's
Ecumenical Matters
ExLay Presidency at the Sacraments
Mentoring and Supporting
Providing worship checklist [see appendix]
Pulpit supply secretaries
Record keeping
Team Ministry
Training: TLS, TLSLite
Useful contact details [see appendix]
Weekday Worship
Working with Partnerships

Providing Worship Checklist + Changing Patterns and Widening Visions
Useful Contact Details

Download: Lay Preaching Matters: Guidelines

Download: Guidelines on Conduct Behaviour and Training for Lay Preachers  

TLS (Training, Learning and Serving)

tls prospectus 2015 15 1'A well organised course’

‘We may not know which way to go at the crossroads but we are able to see the crossroads’

Training, Learning & Serving is the name of a three year course which enables participants to train for new skills, learn more about the Bible and Faith, and serve God’s people in the community and in the Church.

Website: TLS Training for Learning and Serving


TLS LITE (Local Introductory Training Experiences)

TLS lite courseTLS LITE Local Introductory Training Experiences

'LITE' short courses are for general interest and for:

  • People who want local recognition as lay preachers.
  • Those who are called on to plan and/or lead worship in their own congregations or clusters/groups.
  • People who just want to learn more about worship and it background.
  • Those who would welcome some 'refresher' opportunities.

Information about setting up a TLS LITE Group

TLS Lite courses are locally organised self-contained courses on a variety of Christian discipleship matters, with slightly less demanding material, and so are run more flexible according to your circumstances. Sourced through material available from the United Reformed Bookshop. New courses include Community Work and Evangelism. TLS Lite flier and Starting a TLS-Lite group for more details.

Further Information

Home Communion Training

Home Communion Training for Lay Preachers

- Led by Peter Ball

Increasing numbers of our Lay Preachers are being asked if they would be prepared to take communion to people in their homes when a minister is not available. It is therefore a good idea to have a few nominated people ready to offer this service within each Area Partnership.

I have now prepared a single session training opportunity of about two hours that I am happy to bring to any Partnership who would like to make use of this resource.  Simply call the office or email me to set up a training date.

Also available

Peter is able to lead a training session for Lay Preachers on presiding at Holy Communion during public worship. Full benefit of this training is best achieved in a group setting.

Lay Preachers Resource Sharing

Ideas and Resources to share for more reflective times of Worship

Downlaod: Prayer Ideas

Mission Tools


Vision Initiatives

Find out more about Vision4Life; Vision2020 and Fresh Expressions.

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newsletter mod feb16

The aim of the Newsletter is to improve communication across the Synod, which will require your input and feedback to help in offering worthwhile information.

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The Purpose and Mission of the Synod; the Synod Meeting; our Area Partnerships; each of our Committees and the calendar of meeting dates.

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Who's Who?

whos who

Find out who's who on the Synod Office Team.  If you are unsure who to get in touch with, use the Contact Us form and your query will be routed to the right person!

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