TLS LITE (Local Introductory Training Experiences)

TLS lite courseTLS LITE Local Introductory Training Experiences

'LITE' short courses are for general interest and for:

  • People who want local recognition as lay preachers.
  • Those who are called on to plan and/or lead worship in their own congregations or clusters/groups.
  • People who just want to learn more about worship and it background.
  • Those who would welcome some 'refresher' opportunities.

Information about setting up a TLS LITE Group

TLS Lite courses are locally organised self-contained courses on a variety of Christian discipleship matters, with slightly less demanding material, and so are run more flexible according to your circumstances. Sourced through material available from the United Reformed Bookshop. New courses include Community Work and Evangelism. TLS Lite flier and Starting a TLS-Lite group for more details.

Further Information

There are six courses:

'You, the Bible, God and Worship'

Introductions; 3 study units and group sessions.

'Getting to Grips with the Bible'             

Basic course about history and structure of the Bible; 5 study units and group sessions, one Study Day.

'Talking about God'

Introduction to theology; 5 study units and group sessions, one Study Day.

'Leading Worship'

Worship principles, design and practice; 10 study units and group sessions, 2 Study Days.

'God's Word for Today'

Supplementary course on preaching; 5 study units and group sessions, one Study Day.

'Valuing Community Experiences'

Valuing Community Experiences aims to provide learning opportunities for those involved in community activity, reflecting on that activity from      perspectives of faith and community development principles and values. It is designed for people probably, but not necessarily members of the  church, who are already engaged in or interested in considering becoming involved in some aspect of community related activity.

Study days concentrate on practical work and discussion.

Please speak to your Area Lay Preaching Commissioner for the availability of course in your area.

Website: TLS Lite        Download:  TLS Lite Poster

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