Sabbatical Relections

Sabbatical Journey - by Caroline Vodden 

A Journey to the Heart

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Exploring Spirituality

A Sabbatical Reflection by Kathryn Taylor

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Understanding Copyright


The Synod office and local churches often reproduce images, whether as part of a PowerPoint presentation or in paper form. It is important that when we do so we add words that properly attribute any copyright relating to it. This will apply to any images that churches reproduce for their own use and also to any items sent to the Synod office for us to use e.g. by uploading to our website.

Linda Harrison has prepared some advice about attribution which churches are encouraged to follow. In the case of any material containing images that is sent to the Synod office for reproduction in one form or another, you will need to ensure that it contains an appropriate attribution. In many cases, particularly where the image originates within your church, that will just be a simple acknowledgement that recognises your copyright or that permission has been given. However, where the image is taken from the Internet, you will need to check the copyright from the Internet and add the appropriate attribution to your presentation, article or report. Click below for more detailed advice and a Creative Commons example.

Download: advice, with Creative Commons example

The communications department at Church House has produced an information guide 'Getting to grips with copyright: A short guide for United Reformed churches'. This short guide, written by Dr Jean Silvan Evans, clearly and simply covers the major copyright issues and queries that churches face – including a run-down on the most common licences; what to do if your church wants to show a TV broadcast or a film; and what you need to know about copying and photocopying from magazines, newspapers and books. 

Gill Nichol, the URC’s Head of Communications, says: ‘Copyright is complicated – but we hope that this booklet, written simply and yet with authority, will help United Reformed churches navigate their way through the minefield of copyright law and how it affects the churches.

’Getting to grips with copyright is available as a free download see link below  or, if you would prefer it a printed booklet, it can be ordered, for just 75p a copy, from the URC’s online store. NB: We are able to offer follow up training on church copyright issues via Chris Williams, Customer Relations Manager at Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) UK.  If you or your synod or group of churches would like to invite Chris to attend a synod or similar meeting to speak about – or deliver a workshop on – church copyright issues please email him direct. [email link] -

Download: Getting to Grips with Copyright  -  A short guide for United Reformed Churches

PowerPoints and Resources for Ministers

Freedom Sunday Global Day 19th October 2014  

Freedom Sunday is a global day of worship, prayer and action on human trafficking. On Sunday 19th October 2014 or Saturday 18th October (for those for whom Saturday is the Sabbath), churches all over the world will join together to raise awareness of the crime of human trafficking and show the world our compassion for men, women and children who are trafficked and exploited. The church will demonstrate a united and tangible response against human trafficking.

The church will make commitments to take action to prevent the crime of human trafficking in our local and global communities. Together, let's stop human trafficking and let's start freedom. We are delighted that 21 different denominations, networks and faith based groups have worked together to develop Freedom Sunday resources. 

Freedom Sunday Toolkit       Template poster      Images for PowerPoint
Freedom Sunday Prayer PowerPoint     Freedom Sunday image  

Website: Freedom Sunday

Life on the Front Line 

life-on-the-front-line-smalBelow is a  link to the LICC site and the Life on the Frontline series. A number of comments from our church members say it has had a significant impact on their life at work or the home. If you wish to know more of how this worked in a local setting contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Plume Avenue. View Link below for more Information.

We may be old or young; healthy or infirm; rich or poor; employed or not. We may be busy or bored; optimistic or pessimistic; radically cutting edge or relatively retro. Whoever we are, as Christians, we have at least one thing in common: we each have a Frontline.

Your Frontline: the place where you spend much of your time
Your Frontline: the place where you meet people who don't know Jesus
Your Frontline: the place God has called you
Your Frontline: the place of possibility and potential

Often though, we don't see ourselves, our workplaces homes, colleges and clubs in this light. But what might God want to do where we are day by day? How might he use us? How will we grow?

Website: LICC- Life on the Front Line

Bible Story PowerPoints

These resources and PowerPoints have been recommended by Revd David Rees, who has modified the PowerPoints slightly for use in his own ministry.  Please e-mail David to discuss how he has made use of the resources in all age worship.

Website: Sermons4Kids homepage

Website: PowerPoint presentations and art work prepared by Henry Martin 

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Websites worth sharing

ridley-hall1jpgAlso at Ridley: Grove Books Ltd

Ridley Hall is home to Grove Books Ltd, publishers of 28-page explorations of Christian life and ministry. Booklets are written by practitioners, not theorists, and are published in eight series.

Grove mail their booklets direct to customers, with free UK postage.To see the full range of titles offered, go to the Grove web site, where books and yearly subscriptions to the series can be purchased online.

Website: Grove Books

Website: Ridley Hall Cambridge

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Vision Initiatives

Find out more about Vision4Life; Vision2020 and Fresh Expressions.

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The aim of the Newsletter is to improve communication across the Synod, which will require your input and feedback to help in offering worthwhile information.

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The Purpose and Mission of the Synod; the Synod Meeting; our Area Partnerships; each of our Committees and the calendar of meeting dates.

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Find out who's who on the Synod Office Team.  If you are unsure who to get in touch with, use the Contact Us form and your query will be routed to the right person!

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