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A Season of Invitation

Back to Church Sunday/A Season of Invitation

michael-harvey1Michael Harvey suggests how we can create a culture of invitation in our churches with help from the Season of Invitation initiative. As I have travelled the world, I am yet to find an invitational church. - 'Is your congregation welcoming or... inviting? Welcoming! But how welcoming can we be if we are not inviting? We are welcoming as long as people can get themselves across the threshold of the church building, but we don't take our welcome out in the form of invitation. Something is going wrong at the threshold of our church buildings. I became fascinated as to why congregational members are not inviting. In fact I went on to find out that up to 95% of most congregational members are not going to be doing any inviting. "Why are we not inviting our friends to take a closer look at Christ and his church?" Here are some answers I receive regularly and some of my thoughts as I hear them.    

Download: A Culture of Invitation Flyer




Back to Church Sunday has now run for 12 years and Season of Invitation for 3. This will be the final year that Season of Invitation will run in its current form, while the organisers are reflecting on what the next stage will be. Mission Committee decided not to sign up centrally this year, but to leave it to each Synod to decide whether they wanted to take advantage of the training and resource packs that Season of Invitation will offer to the URC this year. Season of Invitation training events are great opportunities for people from any denomination to come and learn about how to make the most of A Season of Invitation in their church context.

 Across the 2 hour workshop, you will....

  • -        Learn how to produce a unique mission field for your church at any given time
  • -        Be given tools to identify distorted thinking in your church
  • -        Discover the creative power of fear
  • -        Receive a number of emotional mental and physical approaches for developing a culture of invitation
  • -        Learn best practice from Season of Invitation

Michael Harvey (co-founder of Back to Church Sunday) will provide interactive and relevant training, which will be useful for ministers and any churchgoers interested in making the most of opportunities to invite people to church.

View:  Season of Invitation Training Video   Website: A Season of Invitation   Download: A Season of Invitation Flyer    

Westminster College

To God be the glory and to you be the thanks! westminster college_3

The transformation of Westminster has humbled those of us most closely involved because of the generosity, support and goodwill of so many accross the URC and beyond. All of this has been blessed by God as we have sought God's will and known God's gracious provision. It is deep faithfulness that gives life to our buildings. We are delighted to be actively planning and promoting a growing range of events, courses and resources as we seek to serve the whole URC.

Sam White will teach alongside other Directors of Pastoral Studies in the Federation and on in-house programmes at Westminster. Part of her job will include continuing to build up and develop the wider training and opportunities for learning, refreshment and nurture that Westminster seeks to offer the whole United Reformed Church as one of the denomination's Resource Centres for Learning.

Website:    Westminster College News and Training Events      Download: To God be the glory and the thanks 

westminster in the company copy

In the company of…  is suitable for anyone, ordained or not, who wants to spend some time in the peace of Westminster exploring the work of someone they wish to learn from and discover.

Arrange a stay that suits your diary, enjoy great hospitality, and let us help you discover treasure! In whose company would you like to spend some time? Who would you like to learn from? Who would you like to discover? Take your pick: biblical character; gospel writer; theologian from long ago or today; musician; artist; cook; novelist; thinker; politician; liturgist; hymn-writer; leader; poet; film-maker; architect...? The idea is simple; book yourself in to stay at Westminster, or come as a day visitor. Stay for as long as you like. Tell us who you want to spend some time with; whose work might inspire you. We'll arrange a conversation at the beginning of your time to help you focus and to make sure you have some good resources, not least through our library. We’ll talk at the end to help you take things onwards.     Download:  In the Company of Leaflet      Download:  Booking Form

Friends of Westminster Collegewestmisnter-college5-copy

To join up with and be involved with the Friends of Westminster, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the Friends Membership Secretary. If you would like to be added to the College News email circulation list (we send out around 1 to 2 emails a term), please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   View links below to keep up to date with college events.

Website: "LIFE@WN"                   View: Westminster College Facebook     

Sam will begin work in Westminster and the Cambridge Theological Federation from July, 2014. She will teach alongside other Directors of Pastoral Studies in the Federation and on in-house programmes at Westminster. Part of her job will include continuing to build up and develop the wider training and opportunities for learning, refreshment and nurture that Westminster seeks to offer the whole United Reformed Church as one of the denomination's Resource Centres for Learning

Commemorating 'Reformation 1517'

churches-together-logo-2016The Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.   A Statement from the Presidents of Churches Together in England who represent the Western traditions of the Church, The Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury), H.E. Cardinal Vincent Nichols (Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster), The Revd Dr Hugh Osgood (Free Churches Moderator), Bishop Eric Brown (Pentecostal President) and Billy Kennedy.  Their statement is issued with the prayerful support of the Orthodox President, HE Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain

Setting the tone As Presidents of Churches Together in England we encourage all churches in England to mark the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 with sensitivity as we acknowledge our unity in Christ. We have learnt over the past century that unity is achieved by walking together, and we have grown in communion, friendship, reconciliation and healing. During this anniversary we want to be able to listen to the truth that is in each other, to hear our different stories, and build bridges of deeper understanding and respect. 

Download: Statement Commemorating 'Reformation 1517' in England 

Taking Action Praying & Giving

Invitation to count and share your Blessings C4Llogo smallest CMYK

Commitment for Life is the world development programme of the United Reformed Church. We encourage participating churches  to take action, pray and give for people across the world but especially in our four partner countries/region of Bangladesh, Central America (Honduras, Guatemala. Nicaragua and El Salvador), Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory and Zimbabwe. We work in partnership with Christian Aid and Global Justice Now raising around half a million pounds a year from contributing churches. To find out more about the programme, visit the resources page click on the website link below.

Website: URC Mission Commitment for Life

David Edwards Newsletters

David Edwards Insurance Brokers Newslettersdavid edwards 2015

Welcome to the very first edition of our URC Newsletter which we trust you will find interesting and informative.

We would very much appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future editions.

Download: August Newsletter - Covered

Multicultural Celebration 2015

multicultural 2014

Multicultural Celebration 2015


Michael wanted to thank you again for your support and suggested that you take a look: you may see some faces that you recognise!!  He rather cheekily asked us to put the link on our webpage so people can give it a ‘thumbs up’ and . . . maybe there will be Multicultural Celebrations appearing in other Synods.


Michael Jagessar has just received the link to the YouTube film of the wonderful Multicultural Celebration 2015 event from the talented man . . . KEVIN SNYMAN (Mission Enabler at West Midlands Synod).

Plant the Seeds for Survival

Plant the Seeds for Survival this Harvest

plant the seeds mali small Christian Aid is calling on churches to stand alongside women in Mali this Harvest and support them to grow plentiful food.

Seeds, tools and training from Christian Aid partner Action for Human Promotion (APH) are helping women like Tomey to start market gardens.

For worship and prayer resources for services and small groups visit website below.

Website: Christian Aid for more details

Remembering World War One

URC Remembering the Lives Behind the names of World War One


Like many other organisations, the United Reformed Church is marking the centenary of the First World War.

We are recalling the stories of those who fought, those who chose not to fight, and those who served from home. We are especially honouring those people who are often forgotten – women; black and Asian soldiers; members of faith traditions other than Christianity; conscientious objectors. Some of our churches are ‘bringing to life’ the names on their commemorative plaques, emphasizing the human dimension of a conflict which took the lives of millions of men and women. View website link below.

Website: Remembering the First World War

Mission Tools


Vision Initiatives

Find out more about Vision4Life; Vision2020 and Fresh Expressions.

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The aim of the Newsletter is to improve communication across the Synod, which will require your input and feedback to help in offering worthwhile information.

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Find out who's who on the Synod Office Team.  If you are unsure who to get in touch with, use the Contact Us form and your query will be routed to the right person!

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