Year 1 - Bible

Vision4Life Bible Year 1 Introductory Sessions

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Download: Psalm 139 from the message

Ideas from local Churches for Vision4Life Bible Year

Here are some ideas that one of our local churches had as to how they might approach the Bible Year of V4L. This is not an exhaustive list but may prompt some thinking and ideas for your setting.

If you have ideas that you are pursuing then let Sue or Peter know and have them added to the list. Why not send us in some pictures and a short report of events you hold for V4L and we will share them on our Synod Website.

Overall aims of the 'Bible Year'

  • Increase bible knowledge and understanding

  • Increase appreciation of the relevance of the bible

  • Enhance biblical grounding of faith

Some ideas for activities:

  • Bible Quiz Night as launch event – a quiz night with baked potato supper. Question rounds on: General knowledge, OT Law books, Psalms, Prophets, miracles, parables, letters etc. Suggested date: Fri Dec 5th 2008.

  • Dramatised readings in worship throughout year.

  • Showing of ‘biblical’ films (large selection available on DVD)

  • Some special services – perhaps involving discussion groups.

  • Bible Studies in parish groups – advent course being prepared.

  • Experiential bible studies – based in parishes or whole church/ combined event?

  • 'Bible Scenes’ flower festival in Summer 2009.

  • Small group meal in host’s houses and discussion on theme ‘Why do we find the Bible difficult?’ - Spring 2009 – pairs of elders to host?

  • Series of commentaries on specific books of the bible in magazines throughout the year. Authors – lay preachers and ministers.

  • Series of ‘my favourite bible passage – and why’ from members of congregation.

  • Display of bible reading notes from various sources. Display of versions of bible.

  • Issue ‘lectionary’ gospel on Advent Sunday.

  • Concert with ‘biblical’ songs – psalms, spirituals etc. (possibly at same time as flower festival)


Download: Cornerstone (Eastern Southend) service outline for launching Vision4Life Bible Year

Download: Christ Church Coggeshall Advent Readings for Advent Candle Lighting

Download: Abbey Lane United Reformed Church are aiming to offer everyone a journal

Download: Chelmsford North Avenue Vision4Life Bible Year

Advent with Vision4Lifevision-for-advent-booklet

"Vision4Advent" Resources linked into Bible year for use by the local church. Alongside of Bible studies being put together by Susan Durber the Synod V4L team of Ian Fosten, Trevor Jamison, Henry Playle and Peter Ball have put together a collection of complimentary studies and other ideas for Advent, based on the prologue of John's Gospel.

Also available in booklet form from the Synod Office.

Download: Vision4Advent Booklet



Resources for Vision4Life

jesse-treeDownload: The Jesse Tree - reading the Bible in Advent with youngsters

Download: Some thoughts for planning a Bible Exploration

Download: A list of Bibles helpful reading understanding and practial use

Download: National Resources for the Bible Year 1

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