Listed Buildings

The United Reformed Church like most mainstream churches has been granted Ecclesiastical Exemption from the need to obtain consent from the planning authority and instead may apply to the Synod’s Listed Buildings Advisory Committee (LBAC)

If any changes to a Listed Church Building or a building in a Conservation Area are being considered then contact should be made with the Secretary to the LBAC.

Maintenance that replaces like with like should be discussed with the Secretary to the LBAC. It may however normally be carried out without formal LBAC approval.

Synod Approvals

The following actions by a church will require Approval from the Synod and possibly also the Trustees (see Trustees Approvals section).

  • Manse Letting
  • Place Property in Synod Manse Scheme
  • Leases of Church Premises or Land
  • Licences
  • Works – maintenance or improvements
  • Works to Listed Buildings
  • Synod Grant or Loan
  • Project Facelift
  • Project Heritage
  • Sale or Purchase of Property
  • Use of Investment held in Trust
  • Closure of Church

Trustees' Approvals

Any changes to church buildings which may affect their value will require approval of the Trustees. The Trustees are the Directors of The United Reformed Church (Eastern Province) Trust. They are based at the Synod Office. For further information or to seek their approval please contact the Property Officer or Resources Officer.

Stages of Approval

Approval for changes to buildings and property come in two stages.

Approval in Principle is the first stage. This should be sought using Form TAF1. Approval in Principle allows the Trustees to consider the type of change and whether they wish to give advice as to the acceptability. Approval in Principle should be obtained before committing expenditure in fees to plan the project.

Full Approval is sought using Form TAF2. This will be at the stage when designs have been finalised and costs or values are known. (Trustees Approval does not include any grant or loan approvals for which application to the Synod Resources Committee is required).

Download: "Step-by-Step Approvals" Guidance note

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