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jeremy-flackI have an environmental background having recently studied geography at university with a particular interest and focus being natural hazards and climate change. I am passionate about the need to reduce our impact on the planet and care for God’s creation at a time when climate change is beginning to have a real effect across the world.

I believe that we can all play a positive role in improving the environment around us and I am particularly looking forward to working with churches and helping and encouraging them to become environmentally friendly.

Do please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about how your church can become more environmentally friendly.

We will be a church that has taken significant steps to safeguard the integrity of creation, to sustain and renew the life of the earth. The changing climate and its consequences for all life on planet earth cannot be over emphasised as the most significant underlying issue of our time. Being an intergenerational community of faith that trust in the God of creation past, present and to come, it is vital that the church recognizes the reality and fear present in environmental debates and lives hopefully in the present climate. Too often the ‘prophets’ who see the truth and challenge for change are outside the church. Our churches, reflecting faith in God the creator and sustainer of life in all its fullness, must discover the radical voice of care for the earth that is supported by the way we live. 

The link below shows the indicators of how successfully we are achieving that aim as part of our mission strategy.  My aim is to link up churches and synods who are trying to achieve these aims, and to raise the profile of this aim in our Synod, and in the churches who make up this synod.

Download: Ten Statements of Mission 

 If your church is taking action to tackle the "Integrity of Creation", please let me know

Climate Sunday Encourage Churches 2021

Encourage your Church to hold a Climate Sunday in 2021

climate-sunday-2021Holding a Climate Sunday as a church is a great way to galvanise further action on Eco Church and contribute to progress on international action! Organised by a coalition of Christian charities and denominations,  the Climate Sunday initiative's goal is to facilitate 1000s of churches to take long term action themselves on climate change in the critical years ahead.

By participating in the initiative, churches will also be able to raise a loud and united Christian voice for bolder action by governments in the run up to the COP26 UN climate negotiations, to be hosted by the UK in Glasgow in November 2021. This relates to the Global and Community Engagement sections of the Eco Church programme. Read more about encouraging your church to get involved here. 

Environmental Policy URC Eastern Synod

Environmental Policy for the United Reformed Church Eastern Synod 

This policy is an agreed, documented statement of the United Reformed Church Eastern Synod’s stance towards the environment in which it operates.

It is the cornerstone of our intent, as a body of people committed to caring for God’s creation, seeking God’s justice and to live lightly upon the Earth in all of our operations.

Download:   Evnvironmental Policy for Eastern Synod

Eastern Synod Environmental News

  Eco Church

Are you interested in your church becoming more environmentally friendly? Try the Eco-church scheme run by A Rocha which guides churches in England and Wales towards expressing care for creation in five areas:

  • Worship and teaching
  • Management of church buildingseco-church-2019-colour
  • Management of church land
  • Community and global engagement
  • Lifestyle

Once churches are registered they can apply for Eco Church Awards at the levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold by collecting points having gone ‘green’ in various ways of church life by for example switching to a green energy company or using fair-trade for your tea and coffee supplies. It would be great to have more eco-churches within the eastern synod and we really hope your church will take part in this exciting, which will challenge and equip you to care for God’s world in all areas of your life together. If you want to find out more information visit
Website: Eco Church  please also feel free to contact me if you want any help or more information on the scheme.

User-friendly Eco Church - Scheme Passes 500 Mark

eco-church-2017Over 500 churches, including 50 United Reformed Church congregations, are now registered with the Eco Church scheme launched last year by Christian environmental charity, A Rocha UK.

The 500th local church to register was Great Chishill United Reformed Church, south Cambridgeshire.

As the successor to Eco Congregations in England and Wales (Eco Congregations continues in Scotland), Eco Church is based on a simple online survey. Users register for free and can revisit the questionnaire as often as they wish to report on their eco efforts in areas of church life including worship, building management and community engagement. The website keeps note of their progress scores and indicates when they qualify for an award.

Download: Eco Church News Article

Good stewardship of the resources God has given us must be dear to all our hearts

How can we manage this in our churches?

  • Start by raising awareness within the congregation.
  • Within the property and without any expenditure; consider switching off some lights and the correct level of heating; reuse, reduce and recycle whenever possible; reduce waste and consumption.
  • With minimal expenditure; carry out regular maintenance; install low energy lights;
  • When planning building improvements; improve the insulation; change the type of heating; look for greener energy suppliers; consider solar power (already planned for two churches in the Synod.
  • Ask the congregation to consider their personal life styles.
    • Walking to Church saves fuel and is better for you. 
    • Switching off  when not in use (includes your car engine). 
    • Sharing lifts, driving more fuel efficient cars and flying less will make a very positive impact. 
  • Use the phone and consider conference calls rather than having meetings. Consider food miles.

Helpful Links 

URC Caring for Creation
Joint Public Issues Team on Environment
Joint Public Issues (JPIT) Launch Radical'Jubilee' Campaingn.  Website: Rest the Debt UK 
Eco Congregation
Operation Noah
Campaign to Protect Rural England 

Download: Cut Your Carbon - 50 Ways To Take Action

Synod Churches News

christ-chrch-rayleigh-2017Rayleigh United Reformed Church 

On the 2nd October 2016, Christ Church United Reformed Church Rayleigh unveiled a plaque commemorating its having received the Eco Congregation award in recognition of their work to care for the environment and protect the world around us. The church has been working hard to think about and promote these areas in their worship, in the way they look after their buildings, how they work with their local community and through their support for global issues and projects.

Becoming an Eco-Church is a process, and the fist step is not huge, but it is a first step. If you are interested, have a look at the Rayleigh Christ Church website, and see how easy it is to get started. 

Download: Rayleigh URC Article for more Information 

Emmanuel Church Bungay Going Green Environmental Project Awardseco-bungay-3-2016

With the aim of trying to encourage others to follow our lead, we have entered ourselves for a few awards and the heating engineers, R A Browns, have done likewise as we were their first Community based project. 

This year we entered the Eco-church Award which has recently replaced Eco-congregation and not only have we received a Silver but we are the first Church to achieve this level. As the remit of Eco-Church covers Service content and church and individual lifestyle in addition to the buildings, this is the first award which recognises our overall commitment to the issues of Climate change and our responsibilities as stewards of God’s creation. An important aspect of this award for us at Emmanuel is that we have committed ourselves to strive for Gold. RA Browns entered our project for the East of England Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Awards in April 2016 and at a lovely ceremony and lunch at The Hilton Hotel at Stanstead, we won the Community Project Award. Again, we were the only Church represented at these awards.

eco-bungay-4-2016An award-winning Suffolk congregation has just added Eco Church to its growing list of accolades. Emmanuel Church, Bungay, has snatched the first ever Silver Award in A Rocha UK’s environmental scheme.  On Tuesday 3rd May, the award was presented to Revd Jacquie Evans by Mr Alex Verwater, a long standing member and friend from our Dutch Exchange. This was closely followed by another award, The East of England Energy Efficiency & Retrofit Award in the category of ‘Regional Small Scale Project Of The Year’. R A Brown’s Heating Services earned this award for its innovative work on our project. This second award was presented to Revd Jacquie by Mrs Margaret Shepherd, a founder member of Sustainable Bungay.

Download: ECO Church A Rocha UK's Award Scheme Bungay Report     Download:  Going Green Environmental Project Awards Newsletter

Other Environmental Project Awards

With the aim of trying to encourage others to follow our lead:-

  • March 24th 2011 Came second in the Suffolk Greenest County Awards
  • March 21st 2012 Came second in the Suffolk Greenest County Awards
  • March 28th 2014 Won the Suffolk Greenest County Award - Greenest building category
  • November 6th 2014 Second in the EDP Business Awards 2015 H&V National News Awards – RA Browns Won the Retrofit Project of the Year – judges comment was "This project has set the greenest possible standard for others to follow"
  • However, this year we entered the Eco-church Award and not only have we received a Silver but we are the first Church to achieve this level

Season of Creation

The Season of Creation

season-of-creation-green-envThe Season of Creation offers worshipers an opportunity to turn their full attention toward God the creator and toward their relationship with the whole creation.

See below for history and description of the Season of Creation.

When is the Season of Creation celebrated? Multiple resources for celebrating a Season of Creation Scripture Readings, Lectionary lessons for the three years of the Season of Creation. See lessons for Season C (2016). Sermons and Commentaries on the Season of Creation Themes Liturgies for Series C (2016) are available to download and to adapt to your worship Contributions from Congregations and Denominations. Liturgical elements and sermons from those who have celebrated the Season of Creation.

 What is the Season of Creation?

The Season of Creation is an optional season for the church year. For the most part, the seasons of the church year follow the life of Jesus: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter. The remainder of the church year encompasses Pentecost Season, which celebrates life in the Holy Spirit. Of course, there are many special days and occasional services throughout the calendar of the church year, such as Christ the King Sunday and Rogation Day. God is celebrated throughout the entire church year. And God the creator, Christ the redeemer of creation, and the Holy Spirit as sustainer of life are integral to worship throughout the church year. We hope that caring for creation is a vital dimension of every worship service.             Website: Season of Creation

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