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National Assembly Agrees Environmental Policy

October Synod gave space to a presentation of the United Reformed Church's new Environment Policy agreed at the July 2016 Assembly.   The Policy recommends that each Synod consider an Environmental Charter, like that of the North Western Synod.

Our Synod has not yet considered a charter but I will be advocating that it might adopt something like this in the future.  This Charter, initiated by the Westbury Gardens church, reads:

Environmental Charter.

We believe that creation reveals the glory of God. That we are called to be stewards of God’s creation working with all people of good will to make sure that His earth remains a beautiful place full of wonder, worship, love, justice and peace by respecting the environment and all creatures.

We challenge ourselves to live simply and in solidarity with the poor not taking unfair amounts of the world’s resources or creating waste and pollution.

We commit ourselves to safeguarding life and living sustainably by taking our environmental impact fully into account.


Website: Environmental Policy


Environmental Stewardship: A United Reformed Church Perspective

The United Reformed Church (URC) believes that 'the changing climate and its consequences for all life on planet earth cannot be over emphasised as the most significant underlying issue of our time'. (Vision 20/20).

These words were agreed just a few weeks ago, on 10th July at the URC 2016 National Assembly, as part of the URC's new Environment Policy. The preamble in the document presented to Assembly assets that 'it is the cornerstone of our intent as a body of people committed to caring for God's Creation': this includes reducing our carbon footprint, improving recycling, minimising waste and improving efficiencies on finite natural resources in all of our operations.

Download: Environmental Stewardship Flyer 

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