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jeremy-flackI have an environmental background having recently studied geography at university with a particular interest and focus being natural hazards and climate change. I am passionate about the need to reduce our impact on the planet and care for God’s creation at a time when climate change is beginning to have a real effect across the world.

I believe that we can all play a positive role in improving the environment around us and I am particularly looking forward to working with churches and helping and encouraging them to become environmentally friendly.

Do please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about how your church can become more environmentally friendly.

We will be a church that has taken significant steps to safeguard the integrity of creation, to sustain and renew the life of the earth. The changing climate and its consequences for all life on planet earth cannot be over emphasised as the most significant underlying issue of our time. Being an intergenerational community of faith that trust in the God of creation past, present and to come, it is vital that the church recognizes the reality and fear present in environmental debates and lives hopefully in the present climate. Too often the ‘prophets’ who see the truth and challenge for change are outside the church. Our churches, reflecting faith in God the creator and sustainer of life in all its fullness, must discover the radical voice of care for the earth that is supported by the way we live. 

The link below shows the indicators of how successfully we are achieving that aim as part of our mission strategy.  My aim is to link up churches and synods who are trying to achieve these aims, and to raise the profile of this aim in our Synod, and in the churches who make up this synod.

Download: Ten Statements of Mission 

 If your church is taking action to tackle the "Integrity of Creation", please let me know

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