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lindseySynod's in the URC has a global partnership. Eastern Synod is partnered with the Zimbabwe Presbytery of  UPCSA.

"As disciples we are all learners.
God can use this relationship to help us learn more about God and God's love.
The Body of Christ can only be enriched by the partnership."

Lindsey Brown is the Global Partners coordinator for Eastern Synod  - E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The partnership was approved in 2012 and will be due for its first review in late 2017. Since that time there have been three visits from the Synod to Zimbabwe, and one visit in 2014 from the Presbytery to our region. Our visit in 2012 was to establish twinning links between individual churches, and in Summer 2015 the Moderator, Rev Paul Whittle, and I attended the Presbytery's 1st National Conference: an extraordinary and powerful experience focused on the text of John 17.

Memorandum of Understanding 

Download: Memorandum of Understanding Partnership of Zimbabwe Presbytery - Eastern Synod of the URC

As disciples we are all learners. God can use this relationship to help us learn more about God and God's love. The Body of Christ can only be enriched by the partnership.

As well as the Synod link, three of our churches are individually twinned:

Christ Church, Rayleigh with Budiriro UPC

Mbare               Highfield
     Epping URC with Mbare UPC                                     The Cornerstone, Southend with Highfield UPC

Through this twinning our lives have been enriched, as by any new relationship: we have learnt a great deal about one another; individual members of congregations have built personal friendships; prayers have been offered and answered; visits have taken place in both directions; we have shared our joys and trials...

Several more churches in Zimbabwe have expressed an interest in twinning and Maldon URC has just begun the process. Please contact Lindsey if you're interested in finding out more about the blessings and challenges involved, or about any aspect of the partnership.

The Presbytery of Zimbabwe’s current work - URC Eastern Synod Partnership Update. View: PP Presentation


Please visit our Facebook page for photos and regular updates:  facebook-smalljpg

Eastern Synod Visit to Zimbabwe - December 2017

Zimbabwe-dec-2017In December 2017 a group from Eastern Synod travelled to Zimbabwe for 10 days to strengthen and deepen their partnership, to further build relationships and to learn more about how the Presbytery of the UPC operates in its context.


The team consisted of our Moderator Rev Paul Whittle,  our Global Partnership coordinator Lindsey Brown (Epping URC), Rev Sohail Ejaz of The Cornerstone (Southend), Robert Dart of Christ Church, Rayleigh and John Driver of Maldon URC.  It was a packed itinerary that included visits to Presbytery projects, time with twinned church groups and congregations, and fellowship time with hosts in their homes. 


John made a very positive initial contact between Njube UPC and Maldon with a view to beginning a twinning relationship; Sohail has re-invigorated a twinning with Highfield UPC which had declined following a leadership change; Robert and Lindsey were seeking opportunities to further strengthen their twinning links with, respectively, Budiriro and Mbare UPCs.  Paul and Lindsey visited Lekkerwater Secondary School, the object of Synod's 2017 awareness and fundraising campaign, and were thrilled to be able to present $6000 to the Presbytery Treasurer.  



It was a full, varied and very enriching visit Download reports and pictures below. You can see more photos on our Facebook page. View Facebook link for more information (please 'follow' or 'like' to get regular updates about the Partnership).  If you would like a visit to your church or Area Meeting to tell you more please e-mail, or Tel:  01992 572611


Download:   Report and Pictures of Zimbabwe Visit 2017 

Download:   Report and Pictures from Revd Paul Whittle - Zimbabwe Visit 2017

Download:   Report from Revd Sohail Ejaz  - Zimbabwe Visit 2017

Download:   Report from John Driver - Zimbabwe Visit 2017  

Download:   Report from Lindsey Brown - Zimbabwe Visit 2017

Download:   Report from Robert Dart - Zimbabwe Visit 2017

Lekkerwater Secondary School Zimbabwe Appeal

I thought it was time for an update, 5 months since launching our appeal for Lekkerwater Secondary School in Zimbabwe.

Many of you have been in touch with me and the Synod Office in response to this appeal and it's been great to hear from churches across the Synod. I hope that where relevant we've been able to answer your questions.

Our original goal was for each church to raise $100 towards the building of this Presbytery school. They began building early in 2015 and so far they have two classroom blocks finished and operating, at a cost of $20,000 each, with almost 100 children aged 12-14 now studying there. Their aim is to have 4 classroom blocks, a science classroom, and a staff block.

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As at the most recent report, on April 30th, £1913.05 had been received by the Synod office (around $2,400 at current rates). Wherever your church is at, we'd like to thank your congregation for their engagement in this project.

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Download:   Lekkerwater Secondary School Appeal Update                   View: Lekkerwater Secondary School.pptx 

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