Minister in Residence The First Years

Minister in Residence - The First Ten Years 

minister-in-residence-22 copy copy copy copyThis booklet tells the story of an adventure in rural ministry sponsored by the Northern and Yorkshire Synods of the United Reformed Church (URC). It covers the first ten years of the Minister in Residence weeks held at Keld (2009–19), outlining how ministers drawn from various Christian denominations have exercised a ministry of presence at Keld, a quintessential remote, rural setting, and reflecting upon the experience of the church offering ministry to tourists.

Download: Minister in Residence Booklet 

Milton Mount Foundation Assist with Secondary School Fees

MILTON MOUNT FOUNDATION (Registered Charity No. 306981)

Secondary Education
The Milton Mount Foundation offers bursaries to assist with the cost of secondary school fees to the children of Congregational and URC ministers, and also to the daughters of members of these churches.

Subject to the availability of sufficient funds, it may also be possible to provide grants to assist with the cost of school uniform and educational trips for ministers’ children at both state and fee-paying schools.

Higher Education
Bursaries are offered to daughters of Congregational and URC ministers starting their first undergraduate degree in autumn 2022. Bursaries are also offered to those beginning a first postgraduate degree, for up to three years. Subject to sufficient funds being available, similar grants may also be available for sons of ministers.

For further information and application forms, please contact the Secretary, Mrs Rosie Hopkins, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 01252 715087. The closing date for all applications for the 2022-23 academic year is 10 May 2022.

Church Returns: LEPs and Data Privacy

 Church Returns: LEPs and Data Privacy

Elders and Data Privacy Notice

For the first time the URC Annual Church Return requests personal details of Elders, and asks that these individuals are made aware of the Data Privacy Notice of the United Reformed Church.  This is particularly helpful for LEPs, where partner denominations might want the reassurance.  Access this CRCW Data Privacy Notice 

In the United Reformed Church, the eldership of a local congregation is a significant ministry – the Elders share responsibility, with the Minister of Word and Sacraments, for the spiritual oversight of the congregation. The Elders’ meeting is intended to be a distinctive and vital part of every URC congregation – with the Elders collectively possessing the abilities, skills and spiritual gifts of leadership. At its best, the Elders’ meeting is at the heart of every local congregation, providing impetus and positive influence on the mission, witness and service of the church. In short, Elders play an essential role in enabling the congregation to live fruitful lives as God’s people.

In 2016 the Past Case Review Learning Group report identified that we have a significant ministry of Elders but no Roll of Elders although we keep such a roll for all other authorised ministries within the life of the denomination. It is for this reason that this extra information is now being sought on the Annual Church Return. The reason we require this information can be found on our data privacy policy at: Access this CRCW Data Privacy Notice

Legacies of Slavery

Legacies of Slavery

Slavery-lecagiesYou are invited to explore how the Legacies of Slavery continue to affect all of life today. Resources on this site include Bible Studies, Films, Books, Papers, Prayers and Theology. These cover topics like the History of Slavery and Colonisation, White Privilege, Restorative Justice and how we can begin to build more conscious, just, and anti-racist communities.

The United Reformed Church is determined to explore the Legacies of Slavery. The transatlantic slave trade was one of the largest forced migrations of human beings across the globe. Race-based chattel slavery, as practiced in the Atlantic world, remains one of the ugliest forms of exploitation of other human beings ever invented. The legacy of that dismal history continues to impact enormously on people around the world today. 

View  Further Information - Legacies of Slavery

Green Journey National Gas Contract

green-journeyThe URC Eastern Synod are delighted to share with you a new Green Energy scheme, called GREEN JOURNEY, which has been tailored to fit the needs of our Churches. The Green Journey is now the Synods consultant of choice for electricity and gas supplies.

A Christian firm called Green Energy Consulting is offering this service via the name Green Journey. They procure 100% renewable energy suppliers for both gas and electricity for churches, with no upfront costs. They also provide a totally free of charge energy survey of your buildings. A similar scheme has proved successful in the West Midlands and South West Synods, and churches utilising the scheme have saved an average of 12% against their existing renewal price.

The Synod commend individual churches to contact Green Energy Consulting to take advantage of this free and no obligation opportunity.           Download: URC Green Journey Brochure     

For churches who choose to enter into contract with Green Journey, they would then obtain the relevant, "Further Authority" to allow them to contract on behalf of the church.  See Standard Letter of Authority 

Please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  at Green Journey.

Media Information Booklets

Media Information Booklets for Social Networking


Read new guides from the URC about Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, written for those who have never used them before but are thinking about doing so to stay in touch with their church or community.

Also available is guidance about podcasts, Facebook Live, YouTube and Zoom

Download: Information Guides   

Commitment For LIFE

CfL logo with straplineFaith in Action and Commitment for Life have appreciated the practice of encouraging the congregations by updating them on the activities and others aspects of Commitment for Life. It is felt that in so doing the congregations are encouraged to keep playing their part, and for others to add their names on the list of contributors. 

Download the article written on behalf of Commitment for Life 25 Years Report 

Life-Giving Faith, Defiant Hope & Generous Love

Commitment for Life is the United Reformed Church's global justice Commitment for Life is a way in which local congregations are enabled to participate in actions for justice around the world. Commitment for Life belongs to every congregation. Many choose to support a region in the world through prayer, learning, advocacy, and action for justice.

Our partners are Christian Aid and Global Justice Now. Our four partner regions are Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatamala).

Commitment for Life Moving Stories from our four partner countries

View Website for 2020 Commitment for Life Moving Stories for:

Bangladesh   -  Central America - Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories  -  Zimbabwe

To find out more about the Programme, Stories from Partner countries, Resources, Videos, Worship and much more visit: Commitment for Life.

Braintree Area Foodbank

Braintree Area Foodbank - Four years on - Still supporting people in crisisfioodbank-braintree-2

Braintree Area Foodbank was set up four years ago in April 2012, under the auspices of The Trussell Trust to provide assistance for local people in crisis. The Foodbank has expanded to four centres, now including Christ Church, Braintree; Braintree Baptist Church; St Andrews Church, Halstead; and Witham Methodist Church. Since opening, the four centres have provided emergency food to over 10,020 people of whom 47% were children, and has distributed over 100 tonnes of food. Latest statistics published by Trussell Trust foodbank network show UK-wide foodbank figures remain at record levels; national need is still not decreasing. 

The Trussell Trust won the Overall Award at the Charity Awards 2016, as well as the Social Care and Welfare Award.  It is an honour that our work to tackle UK poverty and hunger has been recognised, with this achievement celebrating the incredible work of our staff and volunteers who change lives in communities across the UK and make what we do possible. We accept this award on behalf of the 40,000 volunteers who give their time so we can provide the most effective service to people thrown into crisis every day.    Website: Charity Awards for more information

Download: Braintree Foodbank Details and Newsletter     Website Braintree Area Foodbank

General Data Protection Regulations

General-data-protection-regulatins-DPR-buttonThe documents in this section are offered to help churches comply with the General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force on 25 May 2018. It cannot cover comprehensively everything that any church might ever do with data but churches following this guidance should be well on their way to compliance.

You will have heard a lot of concern about the need to obtain consent from data subjects. There are legal bases for processing data, other than consent, which have been included in the template Data Privacy Statement, and wherever possible it is recommended that the need to obtain consent is avoided. However if you wish to collect or process Special Category Data you will need to obtain consent. A template consent form is included for this purpose.

Further guidance is still expected from the Information Commissioners Office and this guidance will be added to or amended as becomes necessary.

Explore Churches URC History Project

Explore Churches/URC History Project National Churches Trust

The Church Tourism manager at the National Churches Trust is seeking more churches from acroslogo2x copys the denominations, who would like to be included on their new website, designed to promote churches to visit, which is called ExploreChurches.

Valerie Jenkins who represents the URC on the Board of Trustees of the Churches Visitors and Tourism Association says: "to encourage visitors is part of the task of evangelism and by welcoming visitors we may be part of the first stage to transform those visitors into pilgrims". 

If you would like your church to be included, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to requet a form.

Mission Tools

walking -the-way-module

Vision Initiatives

Find out more about:  Walking the Way Vision4Life Vision2020 and Fresh Expressions

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Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk. We work to the United Reformed Good Practice Policy and Procedures 

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Find out who's who on the Synod Office Team.  If you are unsure who to get in touch with, use the Contact Us 

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