Pastoral Committee

Fields of Responsibility:

The Synod have a number of Advocates drawn from the membership of local churches who carry out specific roles under the umbrella of this Committee and who usually serve for two consecutive periods of three years. The current holders of these roles are indicated in the list of Committee members below, and there is a link to their role description where this is available.

There will be four meetings a year: 3 of the Core Group and one full annual meeting, at which the annual report will be received from each Area Partnership (AP). A further meeting will take place of the Convener; Secretary and APPAs, inviting those appropriate to the agenda to attend. Area Partnership Pastoral Advocates (APPA) will be encouraged to raise items on the Core Group agenda and will be invited to attend where appropriate.

Generally to sustain and develop an overall vision for the way the ministry of the church serves the cause of the gospel in the Synod, and in particular always asking what the ecumenical implications are:

  1. to co-ordinate the work of those responsible for specific aspects of ministry in the Synod, including lay preaching, other lay leadership, training and care of retired ministers, their spouses or widows/widowers;
  2. to oversee Ministerial Accompanied Self-Appraisals (MASA);
  3. to oversee the process and to receive Local Ministry and Mission Reviews (LMMR);
  4. to approve on behalf of Synod of candidates and ordinands for the Ministry of Word and Sacraments and of candidates for CRCW ministry;
  5. to arrange Enquirers’ Conferences;
  6. to make strategic decisions in consultation with pastorates, and give advice on constitutional and/or resource aspects of local situations, including commendation of Special Ministries, LEPs and Ecumenical Areas;
  7. to encourage a strong Synod relationship to the whole ecumenical scene;
  8. to handle related matters that are passed for comment or action by an Area Partnership/Area of Ecumenical Cooperation, Synod or General Assembly;
  9. to consider special category ministers, CRCWs and deployment aspects of new church developments;
  10. to provide Stepwise support;
  11. to decide ministerial deployment within the target agreed with Assembly in consultation with Area Partnerships; and to manage the ministerial vacancy process, including giving (or where pastorally necessary withholding) concurrence to a call.
  12. to exercise oversight and care of local churches by: (a) establishing Area Partnerships and Areas of Ecumenical Cooperation; and (b) giving concurrence to proposed church groupings

Committee Members:

Core Group:

  • Convener - Revd Paul Ellis
  • Secretary - Mr Andy Fleming
  • Advocate for Health & Healing (Role Description) - Ms Jo Patel
  • Advocate for Lay Preachers (Role Description) - Mrs Faith Paulding 
  • Advocate for Spirituality (Role Description)  - Geoff Wright
  • Director of Ministerial Training - Revd Elizabeth Caswell
  • Synod Ecumenical Officer - Revd Janet Tollington
  • Synod Moderator - Revd Lythan Nevard
  • Synod Clerk - Mr Keir Hounsome
  • Synod Treasurer - Mr Gill Heathcote  

Synod Staff in Attendance

  • Mission & Training Officer -  Ms Lindsey Brown 

Extended Committee:

As Core Group above plus:

  • All Area Partnership Pastoral Advocates and HAEBEA representative

County Ecumenical Officers: (Role Description)

Cambs - Revd Charles Mather

  • Essex - Revd Roy Fowler 
  • Norfolk - vacant
  • Suffolk - vacant
  • Safe Church Advisor - Mrs Nicola Grieves (CYDO)

Other personnel available for consultation and task group service:

  • Children & Youth Development Officer - Mrs Nicola Grieves (CYDO) 
  • Link Person for Safeguarding - Mrs Margaret Smith
  • LMMR Co-ordinator - Miss Anne Scarff
  • MASA Co-ordinator - Miss Anne Scarff
  • Synod Stepwise Organiser - Mrs Liz Bird

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