Synod Grant and Loan Application Form

For use in an application to Synod, for a Synod Grant and/or Loan, a Project Facelift Grant, a Project Heritage Grant and for a Churches Building Fund Grant.

Download: Synod Grant and Loan Application Form

Project First Notification Form

This form is to be sent to the Synod Resources Officer, as soon as possible, when a church is considering any building project. It is required to enable good planning of the project and to facilitate the approvals process.

Download: Project First Notification Form

Church Premises Hiring Agreement

This document is intended for use with organisations holding regular events on church premises, whether weekly or monthly.

Download: Church Premises Hiring Agreement


For advice on Leases of Property, Licenses to use Church premises and Hiring Agreements, please contact  the Resources Officer:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that as the Custodial Trustees of the church property, it is the Trust Directors of The United Reformed Church (Eastern Province) Trust who should approve and then sign any such Leases/Licenses/Agreements.

Church Buildings Self Appraisal Questionnaire

Each church is recommended to complete this exercise at least once in every five years, in the hope that it will be helped to develop long term plans to ensure that its properties provide the facilities which are necessary for an effective witness and work. Before conducting the self-appraisal it will be helpful for the church to review its hopes for the future as these may have an impact upon the buildings; possibly for work with children, young or old people, perhaps for counselling, book-selling or large-scale catering.

Download: Church Buildings Self-Appraisal Questionnaire

Mission Tools

walking -the-way-module

Vision Initiatives

Find out more about:  Walking the Way Vision4Life Vision2020 and Fresh Expressions

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Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk. We work to the United Reformed Good Practice Policy and Procedures 

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The Purpose and Mission of the Synod; the Synod Meeting; our Area Partnerships; each of our Committees and the calendar of meeting dates.

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Who's Who?

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Find out who's who on the Synod Office Team.  If you are unsure who to get in touch with, use the Contact Us 

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