Resources Committee

Fields of Responsibility:

There will be four meetings a year. It is recognised that the complex nature of the issues dealt with by this committee requires the use of task groups working within well defined parameters. Those with specific expertise from local churches, or recommended by an Area Partnership, may be invited to sit on task groups.

Generally to sustain and develop the financial and property resources within the overall vision of mission and social engagement across the Synod, and in particular always asking what the ecumenical implications are:

  1. to manage pursuant to any delegated authority from the Synod Trust Company the financial affairs of the Synod, setting budgets and reporting thereon for the approval of the Synod Trust.
  2. in respect of local churches, to review and, if accepted, approve Synod grants and loans, and all acquisitions, disposals, leases, rentals, and major alterations to property. The committee operates subject to Synod-approved finance policy and budgetary approvals.
  3. to confirm and monitor a target for the Synod to the Assembly Ministry & Mission (M&M) Fund;
  4. to consider LBAC recommendations;
  5. to monitor implementation within the Synod Manse Policy.  

Committee Members:

  • Convener and Synod Treasurer - Mr Gil Heathcote
  • Secretary - Mrs Penelope Davies-Brown
  • Synod Moderator - Revd Lythan Nevard
  • Synod Clerk - Mr Keir Hounsome
  • Synod Ministry & Mission Advocate - Mr Alan Clifton
  • Committee Member - Dr Geoffrey Kittle
  • Committee Member - Mr Stephen Thornton

Skill based representation from local churches including legal, property and mission development expertise:

Mrs Jane Humphreys, Mr Clifford Patten  

Synod Staff in Attendance 

  • Finance & Trust Officer -  Mrs Faith Paulding  
  • Resources Officer (Secretary) - Mrs Penelope Davies-Brown

Other personnel available for consultation and task group service

Property Consultant - Mr Shannon Craig - Convenor District Council
Partnership Ministry and Mission Advocates
HAEBEA Finance Officer    

Synod Property Committee - Membership As Resources Committee

The Property Committee reviews listed buildings applications from local churches, including recommendations from the Listed Buildings Advisory Committee (LBAC), and approves if accepted, in line with the URC Procedure for Listed Buildings. The committee reports to the Synod Resources Committee.

LBAC Convener - Mr Simon Plater

LBAC Secretary - (Acting secretary) Mr Keir Hounsome

Synod Property Committee Secretary - Mrs Penelope Davies-Brown

Listed Buildings Advisory Committee Members - Mr Stephen Rapkin, Mrs Corrie Rutter, Mr Ken Wallace

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